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Product Design Philosophy

Health Can be Controlled by Oneself

In year 2007, World Health Organization and global health agencies jointly issued a number of written proposals and warnings that without an active lifestyle improvement in the next decade, the world would see about 388 million people died from various chronic diseases caused by poor lifestyle and habit. While 40% of the circumstances are beyond our Control, but 60% is within the control of our own self. To control such 60% is equivalent to take good care of your health, career, love, family and wealth.

Prevention is Better than Cure

The Traditional Chinese Medicine always emphasizes” The best doctor prevents the disease to occur, the average doctor stops the sickness to emerge, and the worst doctor is to treat the sickness.” The key purpose and principles is to ensure the healthy life, to extend the life expectancy of the individual and to improve the quality of life.

Product Design Philosophy

According to a study by the World Health Organization report, 1 / 3 of the diseases can be avoided through preventive healthcare; another 1 / 3 through early detection and effective control; and the other 1 / 3 through informative communication to improve the effectiveness of therapeutic. Therefore, the effective healthcare is not just on how to treat the sickness, more importantly, to address the necessary prevention schemes before the disease to occur.

The Importance of Healthcare Management

Diseases, cancer cells and genes are like seed to the human body where the human body serves as the soil. The individual's physical condition are directly related the germination of the “seeds”, leading to the appearance of diseases. Healthcare Management role is to take various measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keeping your body in top condition to be away from pain as well as diseases and/or to reduce the deterioration of sickness.

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