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Mobile Health Management Services articles

Mobile Health Management Services is the online extension of effective health management services and support, provide for the needs of learning, medical, health and other information of value-added services to the members

MMS based and WAP are product solution for mobile clients auxiliary business support, with the expansion of wireless technology, we continue to provide authoritative, professional, convenient and practical health information services to customer.

Mobile Health Management Services articles

Mobile Health Management Core Elements

Mobile Health Management Clients

Mobile Health Management Clients

To bring "one-stop" service experience and solution to targeted members, at the same time it’s also provide two different services to targeted audience, customized versions and generic version. Generic versions is cater for majority of ordinary members, while custom version is cater for various special populations and strategic partner customer base.

Mobile Healthy Living Site

Whether where the members are with or without a computer, whether online, as long as the member has a cell phone with GPRS function, he/she can via mobile phone access health management services, interactive and make use of online management platform. Mobile health management provides services to members’ real time it becomes members "Health Butler."

Short MMS Product

MMS platform is designed to custom every single MMS according to member’s health condition and four seasons to periodically and/or periodically send out health information to members. Business partners can also interact and exchange information directly to its members.

Remote Access Monitoring

Making use of mobile 3G networking, we are able to remotely send/receive data collectively in order to provide accurate, reliable and safe health data to doctors and medical staff. In addition, the health data from members would then be processed real time through large information library and classify into category which subsequently being used to generate a custom work out plan and health diet packages for member.

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