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Online Health Management Services

Online health management services are based on the integration of resources and comprehensive information sharing. We make sure the health records are updated, consolidated, shared by associated parties to achieve "integrated one file", "growing live file" objectives. By feeding the true and real data into statistical analysis and data modeling, we can develop scientific and rational management strategies and solutions that ultimately create the complete health records to achieve do-it-yourself healthcare management throughout the entire life cycle.

Online Health Management Services

Online Health Management Core Elements

Health Records Management

Through comprehensive professional categories, various health data can be easily recorded. Quantifiable data on the health provide a more intuitive graphical trend of analysis. Relying on the convenient and efficient wide area internet networking environment, members can quickly retrieve and maintain health information to ensure the health information can be long-term, easy to track furthermore, providing direct, fast, and accurate information to the doctors, pharmacists, fitness coaches or nutrition division for diagnosis, treatment, preventive care purpose.

Lifestyle Assessment

Modern medical research shows that many diseases not primarily caused by biological factors, but by poor lifestyle, psychological factors and environmental factors. Through questionnaire format, system is able to form habits of members present living style to conduct a comprehensive analysis and evaluation, so that members are better and well educated about their present living style and thus provide recommendations for improvement.

Disease Early Warning and Evaluation

"bian que jian cai huan gong" describes, the more signs of early disease detection, the more likely to eliminate the disease. Thus, taking current health related information status of the member as an example, through intelligent analysis of the core data systems, the use of disease early warning models, accurate prediction of disease risk may be suffering from member as well as suggestion for improvement are provided. The current system has more than hundreds of common diseases for evaluation. In addition, we also provide psychological, physical, social and other related self-test questionnaire, so that members would has wider scope of attention to their own physical and mental health.

Disease Early Warning and Evaluation

Healthy Diet

Through Chinese Nutrition Society and the integration of traditional Chinese medical philosophy, it provides members information include nutrition, health diets, nutrition, menus, and many other health food knowledge. Comprehensive description on nutritional content of food, health benefits and etcetera are stored in the library. With reference to traditional Chinese medicine health approach, a variety of carefully selected herbs like health information, you would certainly find matching health solution for yourself regardless which area of demand coming from.

Health Encyclopedia

The health encyclopedia rich information is classified according to the characteristics of the traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine as well as Chinese herbal medicine. In addition, comprehensive description about effects of drugs, dosage, precautions and adverse reactions and other information are also provided. The introduction of disease, not only from the symptoms, diagnosis, principles, principles of treatment, diet principles, it also provides the corresponding side of therapeutic options, prognosis and prevention measures. On top of that, the disease self-test function is a combination of common symptoms of the disease, systems analysis of the possibility of members suffering from the disease. It also provides searches for nearly 20,000 health care organizations across the country, according to their level, location and characteristics of the system classification.

Health Insurance

The first letter search and other search functions are provided to member to easily obtain information like common term and interpretation of health insurance with ease.

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