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The Value of Health Service

Value added to health service is to meet the needs of individuals or groups in the health demand as the leading factor, is committed to providing a full range of services for a plurality, cross area. Enable members to better use of health care resources to maintain their own health, seeking appropriate health services, to help members to reduce health costs. Many risk is not required, expensive medical services in clinical practice may not be necessary.

The Value of Health Service

Value-Added Health Services

Health Information Dissemination

Contain of patient care programs, nutrition diet, Traditional Chinese nourishing, health care, health concern, fashion health and medical information which are all accredited by well known medical institution as accurate, real time and useful.

Preferred Provider Discount Network

Allow members to enjoy medical discount across our large network provider nationwide with the network keeps expanding.

Preferred Provider Discount Network

Medical Second Opinion

Medical Second Opinion (MSO) program provides you with the opportunity to secure expert medical advice from practicing physicians at World’s Leading Medical Centers (WLMC) of excellence without having to travel out of your country. When faced with a serious or life-threatening illness such as cancer, cardiovascular and kidney diseases, obtaining an expert Medical Second Opinion from some of the best medical specialist with advice and treatment options

7*24-hour Medical Emergency Assistance Hotline

With the health management system and large healthcare provider network globally, hospital appointment and emergency medical assistance become a call away to our 24 hours medical emergency assistance hotline, which handle all necessary work to provide you with peace of mind.

Health Tourism

Through the medical suggestion from doctor and your own health condition, member is able to enjoy medical care, rehabilitation and treatment from world class oversea hospitals while having holidays abroad.

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